Travel Accident Insurance

Journey Protection Plus – Benefit Table

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Air Trip Accidental Death Benefit 3,000,000
Extended Trip Accidental Death Benefit 300,000
Extended Trip Common Carrier / Private Motor Vehicle Accidental Death Benefit 1,500,000
Annual Premium 599


  • Benefit amount listed above is applicable for basic Cardmembers and their Spouse;
  • Benefit amount per child will be limited to HK$200,000 for each of the benefit items. The total amount the insurance company will pay per family for any one accident is 220% of the "Air Trip Accidental Death Benefit";
  • This insurance only covers a journey commencing from and ending in Hong Kong which is no more than 21 days in duration.
  • To enroll for Journey Protection Plus, Cardmember must pay the premium with American Express® Card.

The above information is intended as a general summary and for information only. Please refer to the policy wording for the exact terms and conditions. This policy is only available for subscription by residents of Hong Kong SAR.